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The Minneapolis Global Shapers are a bridge between those who lead change and those who wish to; we are a bridge between those whose voices are powerful and those whose voices are under-represented. As Shapers and as friends, we put people first and use our collective strengths to complement each other’s efforts to create positive, sustainable systems change.

33 members


Jessica Louise Moes

Amani Berry

Sara Chars

Sebastian Chavez

Kathleen Dehmer

Nina Gabrielle Domingo

Tatiana Hakanson

Baird Linke

Joy McBrien

Jens Midthun

Will Nielsen

Courtney Overby

Ashleyn Przedwiecki

Namuun Purevdorj

Tanya Schmitt

Janelle Louise Shoemake

Prashanth Soundararajan

Danielle Steer

Phyu-Sin-Lin Than

Lance Witzig

Charlotte Bari

Albert Chiu

Dre Cunningham

Dustin Huibregtse

David Ly

Jazlynn Paige

John Sankara

Julia Starr

Christopher Taylor

Shamaila Usmani

Daniel Wallentine

Donald Patrick Felker Warneke

Founding Curator

Christophe Beck

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