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Empowering youth to bridge global knowledge with local challenges is the Minsk Hub’s mission. We uphold Belarus’ engagement in regional and global development processes and work on improving the country’s image in the international community. The Minsk Hub considers educated youth a driver of positive changes in Belarus. Our priorities include educational programs promoting youth employment and entrepreneurship. The Minsk Hub assisted with organizing the first youth training course within Erasmus+ in Belarus. Furthermore, the Minsk Hub works on establishing an independent arena for discussion between business community, civil society and Belarus’ political elite.

15 members


Alesya Petrovets

Liudmila Batura

Alena Dudkova

Eryka Karaleva

Vera Kocherga

Maksim Kublitski

Hanna Otchyk

Aliaksandra Rameika

Liliya Siamenchyk

Katsiaryna Sidarovich

Maryna Skrypnik

Tatsiana Straltsova

Ilya Uglianitsa

Yury Yurchanka

Founding Curator

Yauheni Puhach

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