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We embody our determination to create enduring change. With a focus on sustainability, climate, technology, and entrepreneurship, our aim is to be change leaders not only in Mohammedia but also beyond.

As young leaders within the "Global Shaper" community, we are wholeheartedly committed to making a significant impact in Mohammedia and Morocco. Our dedication to environmental projects, climate action, and innovation underscores our devotion to the well-being of the community.


We are dedicated to collaborating both locally and globally, catalyzing a movement of positive change. By creatively surmounting challenges, we are constructing a promising future for Mohammedia, Morocco, and beyond. The "Global Shaper" community represents young leaders who are shaping a sustainable, climate-resilient, technologically advanced, and entrepreneurial world, leaving a positive global footprint.


  • Twin Hub: Barranquilla HUB, Colombia

20 members

Kaoutar Ait benali

Joined 28 Nov 2023

Mokhlissse Alami Afilal

Joined 5 Dec 2023

Impact Officer

Oussama Baddag

Joined 1 Mar 2023



Joined 3 Jun 2022

Safae Cherkaoui

Joined 28 Nov 2023


Joined 12 Jul 2023

Hiba El Idrissi Elabkary

Joined 28 Nov 2023


Joined 21 May 2022


Joined 12 Jul 2023

Bouchra El Mourabit

Joined 13 Jul 2023

ayoub etoullali

Joined 28 Feb 2023


Zainab Fakir

Joined 10 Mar 2023

Mouad Fard

Joined 28 Feb 2023

Yassine Hamdane

Joined 16 Apr 2023

Elbaraa HAMMAN

Joined 13 Feb 2024

Lhoussaine MARZOUGUE

Joined 12 Jul 2023

Abdellah Ouaarab

Joined 14 Jun 2022

Community Champion

Rim Raoudi

Joined 30 Jun 2017

Fadoua Rzaiki

Joined 2 Jan 2024


Joined 2 Jan 2024

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