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Monterrey Hub

In Monterrey Hub we are a community of young leaders that share a passion for making a change.


We firmly believe that through collaboration and consistency we will achieve, lead and live the positive transformation in our community and become a dynamic referent of local leaders that work to connect initiatives and projects to solve Monterrey’s sustainable challenges.


Our vision it to empower our city’s youth to raise their voice and join hands in making community improvement ideas into real-life solutions.

19 members


Yanniz Valadez

Joined 27 Sep 2017


Lady Huerta

Joined 21 Jun 2019

Impact Officer

Egdher Hernández

Joined 28 Mar 2018

Erick Gabriel Alanis Gallegos

Joined 21 Jun 2019

Minerva Escobedo

Joined 31 Jan 2022

Nina Carolina Flores Jiménez

Joined 27 Nov 2018

Marcos Israel Guzmán Carreón

Joined 1 Feb 2022

Paloma Victoria Guzmán Flores

Joined 28 Mar 2018

Isis Hernández Moreno

Joined 31 Jan 2022

María Huerta

Joined 25 Apr 2020

Diana Elizabeth Jaime Torres

Joined 5 Jun 2019

Isaac López Reyna

Joined 30 Jun 2019

Silvana Pacheco Treviño

Joined 9 Oct 2019

Rafael Pedraza Medina

Joined 28 Mar 2018

Angelina Soriano Nuncio

Joined 11 Jul 2017

Deneb Trevino

Joined 28 Mar 2018

Virginia Treviño

Joined 31 Jan 2022

Rosamaria Velez

Joined 4 Dec 2019

Founding Curator

Alvaro Rodriguez Arregui

Joined 19 Nov 2012

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