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The Montevideo Hub is a LATAM Senior Hub. It Is made up of incredible, diverse, experienced, entrepreneurial young Uruguayans. The pillars of our Hub's mission are sustainability, environment, innovation, social inclusion, technology and education as a key part of all our projects. Since our foundation, we work towards being the reference voice of Uruguay's millennials.

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24 members

Melanie Bareño

Joined 1 Oct 2021

Eduardo Hucho Caldeyro

Joined 14 Mar 2017


Carolina Castiglioni

Joined 5 Oct 2021

Isis Consul

Joined 6 Jun 2023

Martina De Barbieri

Joined 6 Jul 2023

Romina Dominzain

Joined 24 Mar 2020

Victor Fernandez

Joined 24 Jan 2023

Sofia Fernandez

Joined 23 Nov 2018

Gonzalo Fernandez Bartaburu

Joined 30 Aug 2022

María Eugenia González Panuncio

Joined 11 Oct 2018

Camila Gottlieb

Joined 11 Mar 2020

Justin Graside

Joined 12 Jun 2014

María Cecilia Halty Rivero

Joined 9 Jun 2023

Camila Iruleguy

Joined 11 Oct 2021

Carolina Machado

Joined 11 Oct 2018

Iara Martinez

Joined 23 Jul 2023

Sinay Medouze

Joined 11 Oct 2018

Carlos Micucci

Joined 6 Jun 2023


Bruno Monetti

Joined 31 Aug 2022

Luciana Sanguinetti

Joined 3 Apr 2020

Impact Officer

Valentina Techera

Joined 31 Mar 2020

Pedro Toledo

Joined 27 Jun 2023

Florencia Vidal

Joined 4 Oct 2022

Silvina Villarino

Joined 8 Oct 2021

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