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The island we call “Montreal” is known as Tiotia:ke in Kanien'keháka, a place which has long served as a site of meeting and exchange amongst indigenous nations. The Montreal Hub of the Global Shapers started 4 years ago. From our humble beginnings, we have grown today to almost 20 exceptional young professionals who are emerging and accomplished leaders in the public, private, and civil society sectors. We are proud to say that our members and our projects, aim to reflect the diversity of the city we call Montreal, and that as impatient optimists we are working tirelessly to address local, regional and global challenges. In particular, our hub is committed to three themes: combatting discrimination, refugee integration and women’s empowerment.

25 members

Adham Aly

Joined 31 Jan 2024

Dorothy Armand-Lima

Joined 31 Jan 2024

Mathieu Bélanger

Joined 12 Apr 2022


Imane Boudaa

Joined 1 Feb 2021

Tammy Bui

Joined 27 Jan 2024

Heldden Byumvuhore

Joined 29 Jan 2019

Sean Celi

Joined 24 Jun 2020

Lillian Chiu

Joined 27 Jan 2024

Abdel Dicko

Joined 12 Jan 2020

Lina Dieudonné

Joined 21 Nov 2020

Avary Ettienne-Samuel

Joined 31 Jan 2024

Yasmine Izmeth

Joined 12 Jan 2020

Michael Lecchino

Joined 7 Mar 2024

Mune Mafusire

Joined 23 Jan 2024

Meghan Markowski

Joined 7 Apr 2023

Mamoun Medouar

Joined 31 Jan 2024

Sebastian Muermann

Joined 13 Jan 2020

Oumaima Nassih

Joined 20 Aug 2019

Maurice F. Ngwakum-Akisa

Joined 1 Feb 2021

Cyrielle Noel

Joined 14 Jan 2020

Nayla Si Mahfoud

Joined 20 Nov 2021


Celine Thomas

Joined 3 Feb 2021

Bianca Tombelli

Joined 31 Jan 2024

Ugochukwu Ugwu

Joined 27 Jan 2024

Aisha Zerbo

Joined 31 Jan 2024

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