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Hailing from the financial, economic, cultural, and business capital of one the world’s fastest growing economies, the Global Shapers Mumbai Hub has a critical role to play in helping shape Mumbai, and thus India going into the future. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us, with it come a series of radical changes and transformations in the economy & society. This transformation can be chaotic and turbulent, hence the Mumbai hub looks upon itself as being the torchbearer of the fourth industrial revolution to work with all ecosystem stakeholders to build inclusiveness and equity for all as we navigate the sensitive and complex change management. To solve mankind’s greatest challenges and city level solutions takes a special skill of blue sky thinking and effective on-ground execution. The Mumbai hub proudly boasts of a strong team from varied professions and socio-economic backgrounds to allow a multi-viewpoint approach to solutions. The hub also boasts of numberable ongoing successful projects, proven pilot projects, a strong pipeline of new projects in development, and a vast network of ecosystem partnerships. Ultimately, the Global Shapers Mumbai hub is aimed at a two way sharing of best practices and insights with hubs across the world in order to create a coordinated effort toward the Fourth Industrial Revolution and city-level solutions. 


Currently the Mumbai hub is working to: 


  • Fast-track the societal movement around waste management and enable a circular economy; 

  • Be the voice of our city and facilitating action through dialogue; and

  • Address the needs of our local communities through Direct Impact Events.

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Karan Kumar

Joined 2 Jul 2019


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Impact Officer

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