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Launched in January 2012, the Nairobi Hub brings together a diverse group of highly driven individuals with backgrounds in business and investment, legal and finance, advocacy and campaigning, social enterprise, STEM and entrepreneurship. The Nairobi Shapers come from all walks of life but share a spirit of impact in our society through our 4 key pillars of: Innovation & Entrepreneurship; Education and Future of Work; Environment & Sustainable Cities; and Refugee rights.

The Nairobi Hub has together with her partners engaged in a number of projects such as the revolutionary “Powering Education” project that sought to address the impact of harmful traditional lighting systems in Sub-Saharan Africa and how access to green energy. "Biashara Rehab", an entrepreneurial program focused on increasing the survival of businesses by ensuring that CEOs get the guidance they need to develop robust business functions, tree planting and mentorship in schools to impact the youth between 10-18 years. "Plant my Age" a green project that seeks to grow and nurture trees with middle-aged school children. Recently, our new Refugee Rights Pillar submitted comments to the Refugees Bill 2019 with the aim of advancing socio-economic integration of refugees in Kenya. The hub also has a special focus on mental health wellness and advocacy through her Youtube Channel.

26 members

Merlene Amonde

Joined 31 Aug 2023

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Impact Officer

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