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New York II Hub

New York is one of the most established and diverse hubs in the Global Shapers Community. And because New York has such a dense population of amazing people, there are two New York hubs. Hub II was launched in 2014. The two hubs collaborate to organize a range of local events and opportunities for Shapers and design projects and activities that generate a positive impact within New York. We officially meet once a month, but there are always dinners, talks and meetings happening throughout the month given the frequency of visiting shapers, as well as the natural bustle of New York City!

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33 members


Shaaz Nasir

Senior Digital Strategy Consultant

@ Accenture

Samuel Bowstead

Senior Designer

@ Co Adapative Architecture

Joao Rafael Brites

Global Changemaker

@ British Council Global Changemakers

Neil Britto

Executive Director

@ The Intersector Project

Juan Chebly

Lead Advisor

Cherie Chung

Data Analyst

Miki Duruz

Senior Associate

@ MK&A

Yaffa Fredrick

Managing Editor

@ World Policy Journal

Emily Fry

Vice President - Sustainability

David Fu

Chief Operating Officer

Niamh Hughes

Senior Communications Manager

@ Shutterstock

Munia Zain Islam


Revital Iyov


@ Freelance

Youssef Kalad

Program Director (NYCx)

Allie Mahler


@ Community x Design

Ramazan Nanayev

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ Beacon Revolt

Kate Otto

Resident Physician

Rami Sayar

Senior Technical Evangelist

Andrea Tang

Global Manager, People

Janina Weigl

Senior Research Consultant

Neil Yeoh

Deputy Director and Manager, Climate Change Portfolio

@ Echoing Green

Sophia Yeres

Strategy Lead, Research & Intelligence

Marc Appel


Jorge Escobedo

Manager- Legal Services

Rob Lehman

Head of Strategy & Sales

Ellis Darren Liddell

Director of Program Innovation

Alexandra Meis

Co-founder, Chief Product Officer

Brian Rose


Isabel Sheinman

Co-Creator and Director

Khan Shoieb

Director of Corporate Communications & Policy

Sean Larry Stevens

Principal Fellow, Founder and CEO

Michael Tonge

Senior Marketing Manager

Founding Curator

Michele Wucker

Chief Executive Officer

@ Gray Rhino & Company

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