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New York is one of the most established and diverse hubs in the Global Shapers Community. And because New York has such a dense population of amazing people, there are two New York hubs. Hub II was launched in 2014. The two hubs collaborate to organize a range of local events and opportunities for Shapers and design projects and activities that generate a positive impact within New York. We officially meet once a month, but there are always dinners, talks and meetings happening throughout the month given the frequency of visiting shapers, as well as the natural bustle of New York City!

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Priyanka Jaisinghani

Joined 23 Jul 2019


Faiza Haq

Joined 26 Jun 2020

Impact Officer

Dana Vonnegut

Joined 3 Mar 2020

Secil Altintas

Joined 21 Jan 2022

Braham J Buck Berg

Joined 18 Aug 2017

Neil Britto

Joined 26 Sep 2014

Leyla Doss

Joined 11 Oct 2018

Neslihan Feradov

Joined 4 Feb 2020

Astrid Willum Foltinger

Joined 27 Sep 2017

Carolina Guardiola Romo

Joined 4 Feb 2020

Christina Huang

Joined 10 Jan 2019

Nived Kollanthara

Joined 23 Jan 2022

Ying Li

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Ramazan Nanayev

Joined 31 May 2017

Shaaz Nasir

Joined 21 Oct 2013

Shea Parikh

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Erin Phelps

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Loully Saney

Joined 18 Nov 2021

Isabel Sheinman

Joined 17 May 2018

Sourav Sinha

Joined 11 Aug 2016

Andrea Tang

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Nan Zhang

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Hana Pham

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Arianna Roccia

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Saisha Srivastava

Joined 27 Jan 2022

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