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Newark Hub

Our Global Shaper Community will help Culture Shape Newark by working with the community to establish an Impact Hub (or like space) in Newark. In conjunction, our hub will host/support a series of experiences to provide proof of the need for this space and make connections across communities, to help shape a more interconnected and supportive culture.

16 members


Isaiah Little

Manager, Research and Technology

@ Greater Newark Convention & Visitors Bureau

Shuruq Alfawair

AmeriCorps Job Training

Natasha Alvarado

Program Manager

Diana Candelejo

Research Assistant

@ Newark Community Economic Development Corporation

Jacquetta Ashley Gifford


Brittany Harley

Dream Director

Matt Kobzik

Associate Manager, Global Ecommerce Trade Marketing

Carlos Monteverde

Senior Manager, Product Management, Products and Innovation

Lulua Alhelal

AML Investigator

Nazsa Baker

PhD Student

Andrew Binger


Joseph Ryan Geissler

Ph.D. Candidate

Makeba Green


Emily Manz


Satava Williams

Personal Banker

Founding Curator

Kimberlee Williams

Chief Executive Officer


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