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Newark Hub

Our Global Shaper Community will help Culture Shape Newark by working with the community to establish an Impact Hub (or like space) in Newark. In conjunction, our hub will host/support a series of experiences to provide proof of the need for this space and make connections across communities, to help shape a more interconnected and supportive culture.

14 members

Iyana Anderson

Joined 12 Jul 2021

Chris Cordero

Joined 5 Dec 2023

Tashiya Hunter

Joined 12 Sep 2023

Olatunji Idowu

Joined 25 Jun 2019


Jennifer Made

Joined 11 Jan 2020

Yanae McCray

Joined 15 Jul 2023

Ashley Mendoza

Joined 1 Aug 2023

Hector Meneses

Joined 16 Jul 2023

Adaeze Nnani

Joined 16 Jul 2023

Nia Pierce

Joined 19 Jul 2023

Shabirah Roberts

Joined 17 Jul 2023


Livingston Steele

Joined 26 Jun 2020

Naomi Stevens

Joined 5 Dec 2023

Audris Torres

Joined 26 Jun 2020

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