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The Global Shapers Nice hub is a diverse group of young individuals driving action and positive change in the French Riviera. Created in 2014, the Nice Hub is actively engaged in various local projects, implemented in the areas of Nice and Sophia Antipolis. The Nice Hub is currently focusing on achieving impact in the areas of Sustainability, Entrepreneurship-Training and Gender Parity, especially in the Tech sector. The Future is Ours to Shape. #BeTheChange

21 members


Francesco Buonora

Joined 27 Jul 2018



Joined 27 Jul 2018

Impact Officer

Cezara Teodora Suman

Joined 3 Aug 2018

Advisory Council

Maha Al-Salehi

Joined 4 Dec 2014

Farooque Ahmed

Joined 18 Jan 2020

Nils Baqué

Joined 25 Nov 2020

Kenza Benmoussa

Joined 24 Feb 2017

Abdelali Boulajine

Joined 28 Oct 2016

Farouk Bounou

Joined 21 Nov 2019


Joined 10 May 2020

Lorena Garay

Joined 30 Jan 2019

Fiona Huang

Joined 4 Mar 2019

Hazar Massassati

Joined 27 Sep 2018

Shanel Mouat

Joined 27 Jul 2018

Delphine Rossi

Joined 23 Feb 2017


Joined 27 Jul 2018

Hebah Bazarah

Joined 3 Aug 2015

Xavier Philipponneau

Joined 11 May 2020

Manon Robert

Joined 10 May 2020

Sarah Zarki

Joined 30 Jan 2019

Founding Curator

Jauad El Kharraz

Joined 11 Dec 2012

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