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Founded in 2014 in the divided capital of Cyprus, the Nicosia hub aims to promote peaceful co-existence through entrepreneurship and youth empowerment, and is defined by the values of commitment and responsibility, pro-activity and inclusion. Nicosia Shapers come from a variety of backgrounds such as entrepreneurship, civil society, law, arts and the academia. Among other initiatives, the Nicosia Hub has organised “Young people #shapeCyprus” a youth conference about the future of a united Cyprus with Mr Espen Barth Eide, a Managing Director of the Forum from 2014-2016, various Meet the Leader Sessions and the “Refugee Fun Days” initiative, bringing together refugees with the local community over social activities and games.Website:

27 members


Petros Petrikkos

Joined 13 Jan 2020


Marios Eleftheriou

Joined 23 Jun 2020

Impact Officer

Chara Palekythriti

Joined 8 Jul 2019

Nikolas Athinis

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Maria Christofide

Joined 12 Feb 2015

Xenia Chrysostomou

Joined 18 Feb 2016

Gabriel Toribio Colic

Joined 29 Jun 2020

Savvas Constantinou

Joined 22 Jun 2020

Christina Constantinou

Joined 2 Mar 2021


Joined 27 Nov 2018

Chara Georgiadou

Joined 8 Jul 2016

Andy Georgiou

Joined 16 Oct 2015

Constantina Markou

Joined 5 Jan 2017

Basma Naiisseh

Joined 5 Nov 2020

Marilena Papaeti

Joined 2 Mar 2021

Evrydiki Papavarnava

Joined 22 Sep 2021

Melina Philippou

Joined 4 Dec 2018


Joined 23 Jun 2016

Eleftheria Photiou

Joined 5 Nov 2020

Eleni Savva

Joined 22 Sep 2021

Christine Shahbenderian

Joined 9 Jan 2019

Athina Stavrinidou

Joined 2 Mar 2021

Alexandra Taylor

Joined 17 Sep 2021

Luwen Zhang

Joined 18 Jan 2020

Angeliki Iacovidou

Joined 10 Jul 2020

Tugberk Kaya

Joined 18 Feb 2016

Sezis Thompson

Joined 4 Dec 2014

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