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NYC - Queens Hub

The Queens Hub was established as the third Hub in the Greater New York City Area in June, 2020. As a collection of conscious individuals between the ages of 18-30, we strive to both implement and amplify tangible, sustainable development work within the Queens community. All projects, either executed by us or in support of other organizations, are non-political and are focused on our society's greater good.

18 members

Louis Abrassard

Joined 30 Jul 2021


Sabrina Bodé

Joined 22 Jun 2021


Shayan Chowdhury

Joined 28 Dec 2021

Claudia Herbert Colfer

Joined 2 Jan 2021

Daniel Holod

Joined 17 Aug 2021

Juanya Ingram

Joined 29 Dec 2020

Mariam Kamerji

Joined 30 Nov 2022

Tolulope Lawal

Joined 29 Dec 2020

Patrick K. Lin

Joined 29 Jul 2020

Tiffany Lin

Joined 31 Mar 2021

Max Lulavy

Joined 1 Feb 2023

Telesha Mahadeo

Joined 10 Aug 2020

Devon McLeod

Joined 28 Jul 2020

Alexa Anastasia Pantelidis

Joined 28 Jul 2020

Founding Curator

T. Alexander Puutio

Joined 25 Feb 2019

Tiarra Swanson

Joined 27 Jul 2020

Miguel Toral

Joined 21 Apr 2023

Allan Yogananthan

Joined 27 Jun 2020

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