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Okinawa Hub

Global Shapers Community is one of several communities stakeholdes the World Economic Forum. Okinawa Hub was newly founded in 2020.

Okinawa is located at the southernmost part of Japan and well known for its beautiful nature and people.

As one of the missions of Okinawa Hub, we aim at uniting all neighbouring countries with its geographical advantage and empowering young leaders across the nation. 

We are a group of highly motivated individuals with lots of energy and enthusiasm in a variety of fields. We will closely work with the local community and initiate projects that solve locally-oriented challenges.

7 members

marin kamizono

Joined 9 Jan 2020

Seikai Sasaki

Joined 15 May 2020

Akihiro Shiraishi

Joined 15 May 2020

Yoshimori Nakamine

Joined 10 Aug 2020

Eri Shimomukai

Joined 7 Jan 2020

Hitoshi Uema

Joined 14 Jan 2021

Founding Curator

Taichi Tsuji

Joined 3 Aug 2018

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