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Oranjestad Hub

The Oranjestad Hub is a platform of diverse young Arubans who are exceptional in their potential, their achievements and their drive to make a contribution to their community. While we have a unified mission for our Hub, we benefit from the diversity of our backgrounds representing fields such as Arts, Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurs, Marketing, and Government. Together with our local partners in Aruba, we are launching several community initiatives including dialogue series with millennials on important issues, an environmental pledge to help conserve and protect our local environment, communicate the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution with partners, and programs related to the promotion digital literacy.

9 members


Marisol Liliana Sanchez Maldonado

Francielle Lacle

Tyson Lopez

Kimberly van Loon

Clariene Croes

Armando Goedgedrag

Rosabelle Illes

Nadine Posner-Croes

Carlos Tapias

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