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We are millennials engaging and impacting our community in Central Florida. The Orlando Hub is a true representation of the diverse and rich culture of Central Florida as its members represent 12 unique countries. Not only is Orlando known as one of the top tourist cities in the world, it is also nationally ranked. With ranking such as #4 happiest place to work in the nation, #7 in the nation for African-American economic success as ranked by Forbes and NerdWallet calling Orlando one of the best cities for working women - Orlando is known as the City Beautiful. The Orlando Hub is working towards highlighting how Central Florida contributes towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals by compiling data on people, businesses and organizations who are working towards those goals. The Orlando Hub is also working on unifying the different millennial driven organizations through it’s Young Professionals of Central Florida project. In the past, the Orlando Hub has worked on engaging millennials on solving homelessness in Orlando, lead a panel on Engaging Youth at Work and securing tree canopy coverage for a neighborhood and an elementary school.

13 members


Nicole Reyes-Palma

Joined 8 Aug 2020


Daisy Orihuela

Joined 10 Mar 2021

Impact Officer

Slade Downs

Joined 6 Jun 2022

Sana Amarasinghi

Joined 31 May 2019

Alejandro Cintron

Joined 1 Jul 2022

Jose Gamboa

Joined 15 Mar 2022

Joy Ikekhua

Joined 14 Mar 2022

Nicholas LHeureux

Joined 16 Aug 2018

Tracey Olaez

Joined 27 Nov 2018

Brent Feldman

Joined 3 Jun 2022

Jessica Gottsleben

Joined 11 Feb 2021

Shayla Macias

Joined 9 Jun 2022

Founding Curator

Nilmarie Zapata

Joined 15 Dec 2013

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