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Oruro Hub

Oruro hub is the place of convergence of intelligent, integrated and energetic young people to positively transform our city, being the point of connection between local actors to lead the change.

We act positively changing the way mining impacts the environment, promoting closing the gender gap in Artificial Intelligence, fighting against gender violence and creating awareness about the triple impact "Bolivianita Challenge" (social, economic and environmental purposes) for startups.

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14 members


Iván Andres Agreda Cuaquira

Joined 29 Jun 2021


Carla Gabriela Antezana Villca

Joined 9 Mar 2020

Paola Estela Apaza Marce

Joined 30 Aug 2021

Abril Silvia Chavez Perez

Joined 22 Nov 2019

Alan Javier Gonzales Reinaga

Joined 20 Sep 2023

Impact Officer

Alvaro Ruben Hurtado Maldonado

Joined 31 Jul 2019

Alejandrina Jimenez Guzman

Joined 3 Aug 2019

Alejandro León Vargas

Joined 6 Dec 2023

Adriana Ivel Nava Navarro

Joined 12 Dec 2019

Founding Curator

Kevin Felix Peña Escobar

Joined 6 Jan 2019

Stanley Alexander Salvatierra Berrios

Joined 17 Jun 2020

Andrea Sangueza

Joined 4 Dec 2019

Maria Cristina Yucra Paredez

Joined 17 Dec 2019

Max Alvaro Zabala Carvajal

Joined 19 Aug 2019

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