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Osaka Hub

Osaka Hub consists of outstanding and diverse shapers including entrepreneurs, politicians, researchers, artists, etc. Since the very beginning, we’ve been focusing on career education for younger generation as one of the social issues in the local community, and providing multiple projects to help our next generation understand various professions and social issues they might not know exist and what they are truly passionate about. We believe it will be of benefit to them that we, who have chosen our own unique career paths, share our own experiences and the social issues we are tackling. And we hope our projects will make our next generation have better understanding and act on the social issues that will eventually lead to a more sustainable future.

14 members


Hiroshi Sakuma

Mutsumi Shiigi

Founding Curator

Hirotsugu Koike


Jerica Reyes

Akira Sakano

Koyama Shuhei

Naoko Kuroda

Masao Nishikawa


Kazuki Obata


Yuto Shiota

Taishi Yasuda

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