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Oxford Hub is situated at the heart of Oxford University, a world-leading centre of learning, teaching and research, and the oldest university in the English-speaking world. Blending century-old traditions with digital innovations, we are a vibrant and multicultural group of young people working on transformative innovations to improve the state of the world.

Oxford Hub includes students, leaders in the effective altruism movement, decision-makers in publishing houses and heads of non-profits. Surrounded by thought leaders conducting cutting edge research, our mission is to use empirical data to drive real change. We do this by developing talent and emerging leadership, fostering a cross-hub network of researchers to disseminate knowledge, and catalysing deep exchanges with our global community of innovators. 

Previously, we have worked on several long-term hub projects that focused on digital privacy education, sustainability, homelessness and youth unemployment. Our hub is international in both reach and scope. Every year, we host many visiting Shapers who come to Oxford to pursue various educational opportunities. This exchange regularly contributes to new projects and new pathways to scalable, sustainable, and replicable solutions for social impact.

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20 members

Daouii Abouchere

Joined 6 Aug 2019

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