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The Panama City Hub brings together a diverse group of young people with amazing talent, social commitment and passionate for improving the state of the country and the world. While we have a unified mission for our hub, we benefit from the diversity of our backgrounds that represent fields such as the creative industry, social entrepreneurship, development economics, youth empowerment, foreign service, law, technology, health, climate and renewable energy. Together with our stakeholders we have developed projects on education, youth empowerment, citizen participation, health, art and culture. Together with our advisory board we work to evaluate and develop high impact initiatives.


Our 4 active projects’ achievements:
We have provided water filters and trainings for 485 Embera families since 2017, improving their health, quality of life and reducing their visits to clinics with our project “Pura Panamá”. For “Indigo” we have educated over 1,300 high school students on topics such as leadership, communications, soft skills and entrepreneurship. The project has been so successful that is has launched activities in Colombia, Kenia, Peru and United States. “CreativeMornings” has had 1,670 attendees since 2018 with meaningful connections, over 30 learnings for each speaker and over 30 allies. For “Bien Cuida’o” we collected valuable info for voters to make a conscious decision during the elections and mobilized 17,000 people to go vote with a discount provided by Uber. Global Shapers Panama City works towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, having impacted 10 of them.

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