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Panama City Hub

The Panama City Hub brings together a diverse group of young people with amazing talent, social commitment and passionate for improving the state of the country and the world. While we have a unified mission for our hub, we benefit from the diversity of our backgrounds that represent fields such as health, social entrepreneurship, development economics, youth empowerment, foreign service, law, technology, climate and renewable energy. Together with our stakeholders we had developed projects on education, youth empowerment, gender equality, health, art and culture. Together with our advisory board we work to evaluate and develop high impact initiatives.

26 members


Laura Diaz


@ Antidoto

Esteban Bermúdez Forn

Head of MOVE Electric Mobility in Latin America

Katherine Boyce

Founder & Marketing Strategy Director

Verónica Buruyides

Art Director


Claireth Cantillo

Executive Director at Indigo Youth Leadership Community

Mariabel Dutari

Social Innovation Programme Leader

Paola Gómez Barletta

Technical Assistant to the Vicepresident and Minister of Foreign Af...

@ Panama Government

Natibeth Kennion

Compliance Officer

@ MMG Bank Corporation

Félix Antonio Lámbiz

Partner and Marketing Consultant

Mariana Leon

Academic Vice President

Stephanie Lezcano

Executive Director

María Mercedes Martínez Carrizo

Disaster Law Programme Coordinator for the Africa Region

Ernesto Méndez Chiari


Andres Pineiro


Gabriel Silva

Law Professor/Legal Advisor

Diego Mariano Tomasino

Regional Manager

Hugo Wood

Founder and President

@ Jovenes Unidos por el Dialogo

Felipe Echandi

General Counsel

Juan Octavio Lú Brown

Coordinador Nacional del Programa de Jóvenes (Psicólogo)

Alicia Mata

Office Manager

Sabrina Naimark

Directora y Fundadora

Sara Omi

Directora Ejecutiva



Daniel E. Sessa


Christopher Toyloy

Head of Public Financing Strategy

Founding Curator

Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado

Vice-President and Minister of Foreign Affairs

@ Panama Government

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