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The Perth Hub is part of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community which spans over 400 hubs representing nearly every country of the world.

In Perth, the Shapers are a diverse community of extraordinary students and young professionals, spanning industries from education to law to local government. What we all have in common is a shared passion to collaborate for local impact. We believe that by acting with integrity in the service of our local community, we will improve the state of the world.

We meet on a monthly basis to collaborate and organise Hub projects, activities and bi-monthly social gatherings in the community. Our flagship project is a community micro-funding pitch night called Perth SOUP, which runs at various local venues with a different theme each time.

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12 members

Amber Anderson

Joined 26 May 2021

Georgie Carey

Joined 23 Aug 2018


Arka Chanda

Joined 18 May 2022

Angel Chen Lijun

Joined 27 Nov 2018

Ellie Foley

Joined 10 Aug 2020

Jessica Greenfeld

Joined 10 Jun 2020

Samali Jinadasa

Joined 27 Feb 2021

Callum Lindsay

Joined 24 Jan 2023

Toritse Mojuetan

Joined 23 Nov 2023

Impact Officer

Yean Ng

Joined 16 Aug 2020


Xiao Lan Wang

Joined 17 Jan 2023

Emmelyn Wu

Joined 16 Aug 2018

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