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Peshawar Hub

Global Shapers Peshawar Hub is made up of exceptionally talented young leaders with diverse professional backgrounds and exceptional skills committed to shaping our community and laying the ground work for a better future. While we have a unified mission for our Hub, we benefit from the diversity of our backgrounds representing fields such as cultural leaders, artists, scientists, engineers, educators, designers, and entrepreneurs. 

Global Shapers Community is one of several communities stakeholdes the World Economic Forum. activities are non-political, non-partisan and always focused on the great public good.

21 members

Aneeza Ali

Joined 16 Oct 2022

Romaisa Arbab Mushtaq

Joined 14 Mar 2021

Tasmina Asif

Joined 16 Oct 2022

Urfa Bhatti

Joined 17 Feb 2023

Syeda Fatima Binte Aziz

Joined 31 Jan 2022

Mohammad Farid

Joined 20 Feb 2019

Hira Farooq

Joined 3 Feb 2023

Shafeeq Gigyani

Joined 18 May 2019


Basit Ali Khan

Joined 18 Feb 2019

Shahid ali Khan

Joined 14 Mar 2021


Adnan Khan

Joined 17 Feb 2019

Urooj Nisar

Joined 10 Jul 2019

Fatima Rahim

Joined 6 Oct 2021

Noor Rahman

Joined 14 Mar 2021

Tehreem Rehman

Joined 27 Sep 2021

Founding Curator

Salman Saeed

Joined 14 Dec 2018

Uzair Salman

Joined 17 Feb 2019

Impact Officer

Ubaid Ullah

Joined 27 Sep 2021

Muhammad Waqas

Joined 27 Sep 2021

Muhammad Yousaf

Joined 20 Oct 2022

Maham zaib

Joined 16 Oct 2022

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