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Philadelphia Hub

The Philadelphia Hub is a cohort of exceptional individuals coming together towards achieving a common goal of contributing to creating a stronger local community with a global perspective. We are a diverse group in terms of gender, nationalities, work experience such an entrepreneurs, educators, students and more. We believe that the power to bring systemic change lies with young people and that's exactly why we formed this group.

29 members


Priscilla Segnini

Yewande Alade

Essma Bengabsia

Liliya Borovets

Vicki Chou

Shandon Coffman

Bria Deveaux

Greg Donworth

George Kamanda

Koba Khitalishvili

Shua-Kym McLean

Rachel Miller

Shristi Mishra

Eric Moore

Caroline Nichols

Edward Francis OHare

Dhairya Pujara

Pukar Pyakurel

Zach Teti

Jennifer Yuen Wah Wong

Alison Worthington

Haonan Li

Nikita Mehandru


Shachi Parikh

John Scott

Roopwant Singh

Segev Yarden

Founding Curator

Joshua Atwood

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