Phnom Penh Hub

The Phnom Penh Hub is committed to building a socially responsible and mutually supportive community in Cambodia. Our dynamic membership brings together diverse skills, talents and experience to generate knowledge, build capacity, create a platform for multi-stakeholder policy dialogue and implement projects that directly address some of the country's most pressing social needs and problems - from education and employability, to climate change and tech. Our diverse members come from multiple provinces across the country, representing urban and rural districts, as well as global citizens commited to improving the state of Cambodia.

22 members

Leangchou Ao

Joined 17 Jan 2023

Impact Officer

Pirun Chan

Joined 16 Nov 2020

Dauchbamnong Da

Joined 12 Jul 2023

Ngor Dara

Joined 1 Feb 2024

Jessica Ea

Joined 16 May 2023


Gechpor Kim

Joined 29 Jan 2023

Sereyborita Long

Joined 16 Jan 2023

Por LY

Joined 29 Jan 2024

Visachna Maneth

Joined 27 Jan 2024

Chanheng Menh

Joined 2 Feb 2024

Kimchhai Morn

Joined 27 Jan 2024

Monichesda Nem

Joined 29 Jan 2024

Ponhneath Nguon

Joined 22 Feb 2021

Panhaboth Phat

Joined 27 Jan 2024

Khoun Rachana

Joined 29 Jan 2024

Den Renrithy

Joined 16 Jan 2023


Piton Riel

Joined 17 Jan 2023

Chhoeun Soknich

Joined 29 Jan 2024

Kim Sophors

Joined 30 Jan 2024

Chea Sreymom

Joined 4 Feb 2024

Kimleng Taing

Joined 16 Feb 2024

Mariya Thorn

Joined 27 Jan 2024

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