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The Phoenix Hub aims to eradicate some of Arizona's greatest problems. We use design thinking as a framework to create novel solutions that have true human benefit. We're currently designing solutions to: increase young voices in politics and city leadership, create walkability in desert climates, make transportation accessible for low income communities, re-brand our state to appeal to young professionals, and redesign educational systems for youth. We recognize that these problems are complex so we are implementing simple, iterative ideas that have incremental but significant impact.


Our current initiatives/partnerships include:


Creighton Community Foundation

Executive Summary: Creighton Community Foundation (CCF) was established to support Creighton School District #14 and the communities within its east central Phoenix boundaries. We labor to bring resources to bear upon life needs and whole person development of people and children within some of the poorest neighborhoods in urban Phoenix. The CCF is in the business of building partnerships that will transform its neighborhoods into vibrant pillars of hope and opportunity.

Goals and Impact: While the CCF focus broadly on developing school capacity and providing access to new resources for Title I schools, the CCF’s primary work is Community Works. Community Works is all about neighborhood reinvestment based on a model of relocation and in-the-streets work in our neighborhoods of most significant need. The goal of the community garden is to foster community growth and development, as well as, provide an positive outlet for students at Gateway Elementary School.

Project Phase: Partnership

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Speaker Series

Executive Summary: Drawing on the Phoenix Hub’s extensive network of experts in a number of subjects, the PHX Shaper Speaker Series has been created to start discussions and improve hub knowledge on key global and regional issues. The first series will take place over the course of the first half of 2019 broadly covering the topic of the Phoenix region’s sustainability.

Goals and Impact: Hosting four speaking events with sustainability experts through the end of the 2019 Fiscal Year. Reporting out of lessons learned and actionable information for possible future projects & partnerships is TBD.

Project Phase: Execution

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Arizona Sustainability Alliance

Executive Summary: AZ Sustainability Alliance is an action and advocacy alliance creating and supporting cutting edge project-based sustainability solutions in Arizona.

Goals and Impact; Our Local hub supports their Sustainable Food Systems and Urban Forestry efforts by volunteering on park clean ups and garden maintenance projects. We are also trying to leverage our connections to groups throughout the valley to expand AZSA’s reach and impact.

Project Phase: Partnership and Planning


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