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We believe in a world where young people are central to solution-building, policy-making and lasting change. In each city, teams of Global Shapers self-organize to create initiatives that address local, regional and global challenges.


  • Passion: As Global Shapers, we use our passion to channel energy into positive action.

  • Integrity: As Global Shapers, we have integrity through the unity of our actions.

  • Service: As Global Shapers, we practice service by striving to understand the needs of our communites and taking action to improve them.

  • Cooperation: As Global Shapers, we demonstrate cooperation by proactively working with others to achieve our common goals.

  • Commitment: As Global Shapers, we are committed to consistently honour our obligations and selflessly supporting the agreed agenda and goals of the community.


To build a global community of outstanding young people committed to improving the state of the world. With its motto ‘Shape Your Future’ – integrating personal, community, and global dimensions – the Global Shapers are a movement of young people, influencing positive change through dialogue and action.

23 members

Virendra Behl

Joined 29 Jun 2021

Nishant Bhanagay

Joined 25 Jun 2020

Vinay Bhosale

Joined 28 Jan 2021

Abhishek Bora

Joined 13 Jun 2022

Manasi chaudhari

Joined 25 Jun 2020


Siddhesh Golande

Joined 13 Nov 2020

Snehal Harpale

Joined 28 Jan 2021

Parag Kashyap

Joined 20 Dec 2021

Tejal Katariya

Joined 10 Mar 2022

Tanaya Kathale

Joined 16 Mar 2024

Priyatham Kedarisetty

Joined 21 Aug 2022

Shubham Kumar

Joined 28 Jul 2019

Abhishek Mane

Joined 21 Aug 2022

Founding Curator

Pritika Manjrekar

Joined 20 Dec 2019

Shivam Nikhade

Joined 28 Feb 2023

Impact Officer

Shubham Palaskar

Joined 29 Jun 2021

Varadmurti Patil

Joined 10 Mar 2024

Samrat Pawar

Joined 27 Apr 2021


Shreeya Pradhan

Joined 28 Apr 2021

Aashna Rane

Joined 25 Jun 2020

Krishna Singh

Joined 25 Jun 2020

Gajanan Suryawanshi

Joined 5 May 2021

Sharayu Zanak

Joined 11 Mar 2024

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