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Pittsburgh Hub

The Pittsburgh Global Shapers Hub is committed to making Pittsburgh better for all of its residents. We use a strengths-based approach in planning and executing our projects. To reach us, contact our Curator (Ketsia) or Vice Curator (Lydia) here on TopLink or send us a message at If you're ever in our city, we look forward to meeting you!

22 members


Ketsia Saint Armand

Analyst, Institutional Asset Management

@ The PNC Financial Services Group Inc.

Kenny Chen

Innovation Director

Sangya Gyawali

Lead Analyst

Alessandra Hartkopf

Program Assistant

Lydia Hodgson

Project Manager

Shinjini Kundu

Physician and Medical Researcher

Dan Law

Vice-President, Business Development

@ Thrill Mill, Inc.

Eugene Leventhal


Elijah Mayfield


Divya Nawale

Sustainability Fellow, Mayor's Office, City of Pittsburgh

Ryan O'Shea


Allyce Pinchback

Professional Development Project Manager

@ Pittsburgh Public Schools

Victoria Sterling

Grant Manager / Geography of Philosophy Project

Abraham Taleb

Co-Founder and Director of Search

Emily Wazlak


Spencer Whitman


Michael Coutinho

Masters Candidate

Chris Hsu

Site Reliability Engineer

Rachel Libros

Teaching Assistant

Satvika Neti

Digital Social Justice Advocate

Nick Pratt Pineda

Innovation & Culture Strategist

Founding Curator

Luke Skurman

Chief Executive Officer


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