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The Playa del Carmen Hub's primary mission is to deliver positive change to its city and the surroundings, with the vision to impact its citizens and create a community with the desire to be young agents of change. The hub is an open and safe space for all kinds of people with different personalities, ideas, and experiences; what brings us together is the passion to create changes and deliver a positive impact to society by engaging with one another.  Our projects are driven by the real needs of our community, focusing on Equality, Climate Change, and Financial Education. We partner with local organizations, universities, and companies to make an impact. We strive to link young people with organizations, multinationals, and local leaders.


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9 members

Michelle Acosta

Joined 6 Aug 2020

Luis Manuel Alvarez del Carmen

Joined 4 Jun 2021

Porfirio Díaz

Joined 31 Jan 2022

Juan Ku

Joined 17 Nov 2021

Founding Curator

Alfonso Ivan Lopez-Bello Moreno

Joined 2 Mar 2020

Davide Nava

Joined 16 Mar 2021


Eugenio Torres

Joined 31 Jan 2022

Jose Antonio Torres

Joined 23 Apr 2020


Josué Vázquez Mendoza

Joined 4 Jun 2021

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