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Port-Au-Prince Hub

The Global Shapers Community Port-au-Prince has been introduced in Haiti since 2012. This community brings together exceptional Haitian youths whose mission is to shape the community to which they belong. Today the Hub counts more than twenty young people coming from various horizons. They are mostly agronomists, doctors, accountants, linguists, economists, diplomats, lawyers, entrepreneurs, etc . Members of this center usually meet once a month to work on projects that benefit the local community and also work together on broader initiatives with other centers around the world. The port-au-prince hub has already carried out several projects in Haiti. We can cite as an example the vast awareness campaign around the construction of an Eco-Technological Botanical Park in Ganthier (environment), Model Table (Education), Nutrishape (Social Entrepreneurship), awareness campaign against early pregnancy in Solino ( Social), Meet the Leader Session, help the children of the South of the country to return to school after the passage of Hurricane Matthew etc.

24 members


Alendy Saint-Fort


Scaïde Benjaminel Urimmaculus

Lacks-Guvens Cadette

JeanMarc CESAR

Witchelle Charles

Sergot Ismael Chery

Lowency Dorilien

Jean Elie Junior duverge

Marc Edouard

Caleb Gerard

Skendy Germeus

Sergilles Jeeph

Soyina Ludggmee Francesca Julle Saint

Lindy Michel

Valentine MICHEL

Jonathan PAUL


Jean Rousselet SAINT FIRMIN

Wilbert ST FORT

Fenley Volcy

Mitchelle DORCE

Migueline JOSEPH

Rosemanie Rameau

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