Port Louis Hub

The Port Louis Hub is one of the very first Hubs of the Global Shapers Community. It was established in May 2012. Since then, the Hub has been a platform for young Mauritians from different backgrounds to create impact locally. The Port Louis Hub has strategically positioned itself as the convener of choice on Oceans and the Blue Economy in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean. It's flagship project #SeeingBlue received global recognition by winning the Mary Robinson Climate Justice Award in 2016.

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Sartaaj Abdoolatiff

Joined 16 Feb 2021

Perrine Anne Joachim

Joined 31 Jan 2021

Halima Sadia Bhoyroo

Joined 31 Jan 2021

Brandon Chellen

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Chitra Gomanee

Joined 29 Jan 2021

Bhineha Gukhool

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Jyeshtha Gutty

Joined 17 Feb 2021

Muhammad Azhar Ibné Habib Joomun

Joined 28 Jan 2021


Hantish Kumar Mattabadul

Joined 1 Feb 2021

Yashila D. Ramkalam

Joined 31 Jan 2021

Kooshilla Saraye

Joined 9 Dec 2020

Samridhi Sharma

Joined 2 Feb 2021

Impact Officer

Jaymila Sevita Nayedoo Sooben

Joined 31 Jan 2021

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