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Port of Spain Hub

The Port of Spain Hub is made up of a diverse group of passionate Trinidadians who are committed to creating lasting positive impact through a variety of projects. Some of these include teaching yoga to teens in an at risk community, mental health awareness sessions, and beach clean ups, just to name a few. Others are in collaboration with the Global Shapers Community through Global Dignity Day and the 52 weeks, 52 trees climate change initiative. We thrive on the fact that we all have a wide range of interests and skills sets, but we come together and work on problems that we face in our community collectively.

27 members


Kathryn Louise Christopher

Jonathan Barcant

Christie Borely

Martina Chow

Danielle Cosgrove

Sarah de Freitas

Teocah Dove

Andrew Hadad

Keron Joseph

Kiran Mathur Mohammed

Chandelle O'Neil

Kurba-Marie Questelles

Siddel Ramkissoon

Andrew Welch

Janelle Zakour

Alexander Gibbon

Alexander Girvan

Melanie Gregory

Brooke Hadeed

Curtis Henry

Joshua Joseph

Meghan Lee-Waterman

Michael Mooleedhar

Marcus Rowley

Ashley Thompson

Janine Thornhill

Sherayne Welch

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