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The Global Shapers of Portland (PDX Shapers) is comprised of the most outstanding young Portlanders committed to improving the state of the local community through implementing global ideas. The Portland Hub is founded on three core tenets: Empower, Inspire, and Steward. Empower is to build trust and demonstrate commitment to change with each project. Inspire is to encourage youth to be social entrepreneurs in their own communities. Steward is to remember where we came from and protect what we have. The Shapers of Portland and its partners are developing opportunities for mentorship, human rights, equality, and global project collaboration.

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19 members

Community Champion

Barrett Brooks

Joined 4 Jan 2013

Michaela Canete

Joined 27 Jan 2022

Bryce Canete

Joined 13 Oct 2020

Kathleen Capanema

Joined 14 Sep 2019

Jeremy Ebobisse

Joined 11 Dec 2019

Amelia Eichel

Joined 11 May 2020


Naureen Khan

Joined 24 Mar 2020

Brittany Kimzey

Joined 17 Nov 2019

Michael D. Lam

Joined 3 Jul 2020

Nam Le

Joined 17 Nov 2020

Jackie Liang

Joined 26 Jan 2022

Danielle Maillard

Joined 29 Jun 2020

Yannika Marquardt

Joined 2 Jul 2020

Max Okazaki

Joined 21 Jan 2022


Jake Schlack

Joined 22 Jan 2022

Srishty Sharma

Joined 1 Feb 2022

Nita Sridharan

Joined 24 Mar 2020

Frederick Storm Banks

Joined 4 Nov 2019

Mary Wasson

Joined 26 Jan 2022

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