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The Global Shapers Portland, Maine Hub is comprised of young leaders who are determined to cultivate an inclusive, sustainable, and resilient city whose residents are invested in the welfare of Portland. The Portland Hub is motivated to build a hub of local visionaries and doers who are committed to improving the state of the world and fostering peace. The Portland Hub will change the accepted narratives of everyday issues, invite all of Portland’s residents to participate in public processes, and improve transparency and permeability between decision makers and community stakeholders. We believe that to activate change we must foster a culture of empathy and practice action orientated strategies. The Hub will support efforts that share its goal to be inclusive, change accepted narratives, and redefine community engagement; as we seek not to duplicate existing efforts but rather amplify what is already working. Our work, together with our partners includes increasing civic participation threefold in major city decisions, and launching a program to support girls age 12-14 to be agents of change as social innovators.

13 members

Chanel Lewis

Programme Coordinator, Project>Login

@ Educate Maine

Meg McCormick

Programme Director

@ Maine Campus Compact

Banah Labed Alhanfy

Program Coordinator

Alyssa Bouthot

Broker, Swan Agency

@ Sotheby's International Realty

Emma Burnett

Campaign Strategist

Kristina Kalolo

Survey Research Interviewer

Anna LaBrasca Kellar

Program Director

Khalil LeSaldo

Quality Analyst

Maxwell Anders Mogensen

Owner and creative director

Kelsey Alyne Raymond

Front-End Engineer

Tyler Sawyer

Technical Support - Water

Founding Curator

Adam Burk

Chief Executive Officer

@ Treehouse Institute

Founding Curator

Nicholas Kaufmann

Freelance Writer & Consultant

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