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Praia Hub is made up of young people who work in diverse areas, but who use their skills as an added value to develop projects both inside and outside the city. We have been working in education to strengthen and empower children and university students through our mentorship program: Kriolshadowing, as well as a smaller initiative we are doing that will provide a web page where voters can find all relevant information about the different candidates, to enlighten voters from all islands to vote and make the most conscious vote possible. We work with local partners ( associations and private companies), and also mobilize volunteers, professonals from various areas to implement our projects. In addition, we have also worked on bringing  knowledge about our country on the global front being a small country this is essential to bring awareness to our local needs and achieving the SDG's.

9 members

Célio Alves

Joined 11 Dec 2020

Bruniguel Andrade

Joined 17 Jan 2021

Impact Officer

Mário Cardoso

Joined 3 Feb 2020


Carmem Fortes

Joined 24 May 2022

Josianny Furtado

Joined 23 May 2022

Helder Dery Gonçalves Varela

Joined 17 Jan 2021

Carla Monteiro

Joined 3 Jun 2022


Chris Ramos

Joined 24 May 2022

laura Reis

Joined 23 May 2022

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