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Prishtina Hub

The Prishtina Hub aspires to create social impact through youth empowerment. While Prishtina’s youth faces numerous challenges and hardships, they also represent an enormous untapped potential for the city and Kosovo as a whole. We hope to provide them with the inspiration, support and skills they need to feel empowered in their efforts to contribute to the city’s progress. We are currently working on building a strong community of enthusiastic and dedicated young people. We have several exciting projects in the pipeline that we look to start implementing in the next months, ranging from technology and education to supporting creative business ideas.

24 members


Alba Alidema

Eriona Ajvazi

Erjon Ameti

Petrit Bejdoni

Taulant Devolli

Andrea Garaiova

Avdyl Gashi

Armend Hoxha

Liza Kutllovci

Egzona Luboteni

Diellza Malazogu

Aurora Nura

Enur Pakashtica

Art Raifi

Nik Ramaj

Bionda Rexhepi

Loresa Statovci

Sara Xhaka

anyla berisha

Ylli Hashani

Lyre Himaduna

Vildane Maliqi

emri mbiemri

Valeza Zogjani

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