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The Puebla Hub is part of a world network of Hubs developed and led by young talented Mexicans committed to shape our home city, Puebla, with AI, Circular Innovation,Women empowerment, Civic Engament , Climate change and Sustainability Projects in the short term. Together with our partners in Puebla, we have launched some community initiatives including events for explaining the not least, the Puebla Hub follows the 4 principles, which Prof. Schwab gave at the ACM 2016: values, passion, brain and resilience for becoming good leaders and to shape the world.

18 members

Vanessa Acosta

Joined 25 Jan 2023

Carla Aguirre Morales

Joined 7 Sep 2023

Jesus Moises Genaro Ceron

Joined 17 Apr 2019

Daniel Concha

Joined 23 Nov 2018

Daniel Cruz

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Laura Fierro

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Ximena García Ortega

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Andrea Gassier

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Rene Mauricio Genis Martinez

Joined 5 Jan 2023

Impact Officer

Giovanni Maldonado

Joined 11 Oct 2021

Carlos Manzano Rivera

Joined 5 Jul 2020


Miguel Nava

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Kristal Peña

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Regina Purón Sandoval

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Omar Ramírez

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Victoria Rosas Rivas

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Alejandro Saavedra

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Leonardo Daniel Tlalolini Zepeda

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