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Raleigh Hub

The Raleigh Hub is a young, diverse, and talented group of leaders based in the Raleigh-Durham region of North Carolina. We are committed to bringing a global perspective to local issues. We are utilizing the UN's Sustainable Development Goals of 2030 as a roadmap for how to affect change in our community. We are currently building partnerships and activating our community through projects that speak to reducing inequalities, alleviate poverty, and standing up for climate action. We are proud to be a community centric network of good that values inclusion, including the millennial voice, igniting change, having fun along the way, and adapting to our cities needs.

23 members

Jennifer Call

Gizem Cetgin

Sean Dolan

Arlane Gordon-Bray

Samia Haimoura

Limabenla Jamir

Nicole Kligerman

Gina Lee

Jennifer Riedel

David Freed

Katia G. J.

Hannah Hopkins

John Michael Jepson

Kelly Leonhardt Phoenix

Preet Mankad

Camille McGirt

Sudhakar Nuti

Syed Ahsaan Panjtan Rizvi

Meghana Satish

John-Paul Smith

Denise St Jean

Van Tran

Founding Curator

Igor Jablokov

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