Latin America ● Brazil

Recife Hub

The Global Shapers Community is happy to announce the inauguration of a new Hub in the city of Recife, Brasil. Under the leadership of Camilla Borges, we are excited to see how young people will self-organize for impact and execute relevant projects that change the state of their cities!

**We are full of energy and we believe in grassroots social change.

We see culture and education as the key to social inclusion and equality.**

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26 members

Isabel Albuquerque

Felipe Bandeira Ramos

Jonathan Barreto

Nara Brito

Lucas Calado

Hugo Chaves

Matheus de Bezerra

Ise Figueirôa

Raísa Galindo

Georgia Lima

Alexandre Lins

Carolina Machado

Tiago Matheus

Lais Melo

Bruna Monteiro

Thomás Henrique de Oliveira Resende

Lucas Souza

Matheus Vale

Eduardo Alves

Viana Camilla

Júlia Costa

Lais de Jesus

Jackeline Ribeiro Jackeline Ribeiro

Beatriz Santiago

Isabela Souto Maior Belém

Founding Curator

Camilla Borges Costa

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