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Reggio Emilia Hub

First hub born in Emilia-Romagna and housed inside an important 16th century monastic complex located in the city center (Chiostri di San Pietro), the Reggio Emilia Hub will actively participate in the sustainable and inclusive development strategy of the city, the Global Shapers community throughout the region.The hub has received the support, in addition to the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and the social innovation lab (Laboratorio Aperto), of major stakeholders such as Legacoop Emilia Ovest, Confcooperative, Reggio Children, Impact Hub and Arci, who expressed interest in following the work of young people motivated to implement sustainability projects in the area.

13 members


Marina Montanarella

Joined 25 Mar 2021


Domenico Uva

Joined 17 Feb 2022

Linda Borsari

Joined 12 Apr 2021

Greta Bassi

Joined 12 Apr 2021

Gloria Beltrami

Joined 7 May 2021

Simone Botti

Joined 19 Mar 2021

Sara Brolli

Joined 27 Jan 2022

Alice Buffagni

Joined 27 Jan 2022

Marco Giroldini

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Rita Nizzoli

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Martina Salvarani

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Alessandro Storchi

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Daniele Sghedoni

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