Riga Hub

Global Shapers Riga Hub is a diverse group of young leaders residing in Latvia who are pro-active in initiating change within the local community, city and country. The hub is representing a diverse profile of IT, finance, law, business, art and education professionals. Our main focus this year is on political and health literacy. Previously we have successfully managed projects tackling bullying, providing youth mentoring, addressing mental health, financial literacy and senior engagement.

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21 members

Arta Abasina

Joined 8 Nov 2018

Anta Aizpuriete-Krolmane

Joined 23 Feb 2021

Emils Brencs

Joined 6 Jan 2024

Nikolas Cinis

Joined 1 Sep 2021

Keita Dicmane

Joined 16 Mar 2021

Kristine Fainveica

Joined 1 Sep 2021

Agnese Kalnina

Joined 9 Aug 2018

Anna Kirsa

Joined 2 Sep 2021

Ricards Krizanovskis

Joined 9 Aug 2018

Founding Curator

Diana Lace

Joined 27 Jul 2018


Lina Lontone

Joined 31 Aug 2021

Madara Melnika

Joined 6 Jan 2024

Ilvija Mezina

Joined 2 Sep 2021

Georgijs Pliska

Joined 6 Jan 2024

Elza Purvinska

Joined 30 Sep 2022


Adele Pužule

Joined 6 Feb 2022

Zelma Sergejeva

Joined 10 Sep 2021

Annija Kristiana Sirma

Joined 3 Sep 2021

Aelita Skromule

Joined 27 Sep 2022

Laura Treimane

Joined 27 Sep 2022

Aleksandra Zujeva

Joined 16 Feb 2023

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