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Rio de Janeiro Hub

The Rio de Janeiro Hub is made up of young leaders who dedicate their time to engage in projects and activities that have a positive impact on society. As a young Hub we are still defining our identity. Benefiting from our different histories, we have one characteristic that unites us all: everyone in the Hub works on projects that foster sustainability and equality.

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19 members


Sebastian Bieberle


@ Schöpf Papier Brazil

Fernanda Almeida Fernandes de Oliveira


Teo Benjamin

New Economy Consultant

Lucas Chiabi


Manuella Cunha Brito

Programme Manager

@ Good Tech Lab

Thalita Gelenske Cunha

HR analyst

Rafael Gervou

Business Associate

Luiza Rocha de Paiva


Gil Sant Anna Junior

PhD Student in Medical Sciences

Maria Sayd

Produção em Cinema

Manuela Yamada

Executive Director

@ ColaborAmerica

Elida Batista


Affonso Carvalho


Elisa de Rooij Mansur


Marina Feffer

Analyst of social innovation

Luiz Carlos Guedes

National Coordinator

Guilherme Sucupira

Post-graduate in Social Psychology

Carla Zorzanelli

Partnerships and Market Development

Founding Curator

Manuel Thedim

Executive Director

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