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Rio de Janeiro Hub

The Rio de Janeiro Hub is made up of young leaders who dedicate their time to engage in projects and activities that have a positive impact on society. As a young Hub we are still defining our identity. Benefiting from our different histories, we have one characteristic that unites us all: everyone in the Hub works on projects that foster sustainability and equality.

19 members


Gil Sant Anna Junior

PhD in Medical Sciences Degree Candidate

@ D'Or Institute for Research and Education

Fernanda Almeida Fernandes de Oliveira


Elida Aquino

Founder and CXO

Teo Benjamin

New Economy Consultant

Sebastian Bieberle


@ Schöpf Papier Brazil

Lucas Chiabi


Manuella Cunha Brito


@ Good Tech Lab

Thalita Gelenske Cunha

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

@ Blend Edu

Rafael Gervou

Business Associate

Luiza Rocha de Paiva


Maria Sayd

Produção em Cinema

Manuela Yamada

Executive Director

@ ColaborAmerica

Affonso Carvalho


Elisa de Rooij Mansur


Marina Feffer

Analyst of social innovation

Luiz Carlos Guedes

National Coordinator

Noel Nuez

Country Manager

Guilherme Sucupira

Post-graduate in Social Psychology

Founding Curator

Manuel Thedim

Executive Director

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