Rodrigues Hub

The Rodrigues Hub is one of the latest additions to the community in the island nation of Mauritius. We were created in July 2020, amidst the Covid 19 pandemic with 12 founding members. The hub is now impacting in its local community where it is starting to make a name for itself and where people specially youngsters are connecting with the hub for various collaborations and for learning. After three years of existence the hub has actually 24 active members and 1 alumni and the hub is looking forward to collaborate and help the Rodriguan community.

5 members

Ravina Anne Murielle

Joined 1 May 2020

Julien Baptiste

Joined 3 May 2020


Anne-Julia Cupidon

Joined 4 May 2020

Von-Mally Jean Cody

Joined 1 May 2020

Viergine Leopold

Joined 3 May 2020

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