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The Rome Hub is made of exceptional people with a unique commitment to shape a better society. Since the very beginning we launched ambitious projects addressing some of the most urgent issues of today: together with the Nairobi Hub we worked on the intersection between poverty, energy and education; we used art as a vehicle to social change and we contributed to the Italian agenda of The Open Government Partnership (OGP), a multilateral initiative, launched in 2011 by President Obama.

Across 2018-19 we are experiencing a good phase for Rome Hub, one of the most energizing and high in committment . We have 6 active projects that address challenges like Climate Change, Education, Integration, Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Civic Participation.

These projects were possible because we believe our backgrounds -from science to tech to politics- enrich us and we share the same vision: we are committed in our everyday life to building a more equal society.

Quick projects overview:

Code for the future: coding classes for children in the juvenile justice system, the project aims to teach pupils about the foundation of software-coding in order to provide them with the knowledge and the skills that will allow them to break the vicious circle of recidivism.

WACU-Wandering Cultures: Integration of refugees in the social roman environment by offering them the opportunity to participate in guided visits discovering the city of Rome with young italian people. Some of them will also attend a course with an important partner to become turistic guides themselves.

Epic Fail: A big barrier to entrepreneurship in Italy is the fear of failure. We want to show them cases of failure from which they can learn and to make it clear that failure is part of the game and that it is always better to try. Twice a year, the schools involved, will be invited to specific events dedicated to that topic. In april 2019 we'll have the first big event.

Shaping Sentiero Italia: 3 young people will bring to a new life one of the oldest trail path in Italy by walking it from the north to the south of the country. We'll support them with a media campaign and by organizing events related to sustainability in specific stopovers. This project is in partnership with all the italian Hubs: Milan, Genoa, Venice, Turin and Palermo.

Fucking Vote: Guided by Brussels Hub, Rome Hub has decided to make something about next EU elections. The project, guided by Brussels Hub, aims to get more young people to the polls in May 2019.

Climate Lab: We want to spead Climate Change awareness in secondary schools by organizing a series of meetings where we teach classes how to change small things in their lives in order to tackle climate change. We are working with Milan Hub to impact schools in these 2 cities. We even got recognition with the European Space Agency here!

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