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Rosario Hub

The Rosario Hub, based in Argentina, is a team of young people with different backgrounds and points of view, but with a same dream. We believe that, in our city, there are already many organizations involved in projects with local impact, but that these are not yet articulated and work independently. We have taken upon the mission to be the voice that connects many other voices, putting together and empowering the different organizations that work locally. 


We work on projects that seek to impact in three areas:


Climate Change and Environment

  • Sustentometro: Web application to mesaure and improve our sustainable habits. 

Education and Employment

  • Financial Education: In alliance with NGO Cilsa we develope training in finance through a business decision simulator. 


Equity and Inclusion

  • APOSTEAR: Initiative to equip neighborhood organizations with computers and internet to then carry out training sessions with the aim of closing digital divide. 

  • Hagamos Algo: Project to encourages people interested in transforming their local reality, to meet with referents of the city with the aim of creating projects that promote citizen consciousness on the Global Shapers Community lines of impact.

  • Comunidad Migrante: We seek to connect with migrant communities and advise them to improve their living conditions in our city. 

  • Luna Roja: Neighborhood meetings to talk about menstrual hygiene with a sustainable perspective and sexual education. 

  • #JuntosEnEsto: Crosshub initiative. Cycle of talks about mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

24 members


Camila Palacios

Joined 23 Jun 2020


Franco Gottig

Joined 29 Dec 2019

Impact Officer

Narena Assefh

Joined 30 Dec 2019

Advisory Council

Gonzalo Benetti Hernández

Joined 16 Jul 2019

Maria Victoria Albini

Joined 19 Mar 2021

Juan Manuel Baruffaldi

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Nicolas Andres Calvo

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Sara Casiello

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Daiana Priscila Cilifoni Rodriguez

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