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Rosario Hub

The Rosario Hub, based in Argentina, is a team of young people with different backgrounds and points of view, but with a same dream. We believe that, in our city, there are already many organizations involved in projects with local impact, but that these are not yet articulated and work independently. We have taken upon the mission to be the voice that connects many other voices, putting together and empowering the different organizations that work locally. Our discussions involve urbanism, technology, gender topics, youth development, citizen participation and so on. Our projects and events try to offer another look to common problems. Currently, we have two projects on development:

  • Punto E: a “collaborative-building” program for youth development methodologies, an innovative plan of workshops to empower organizations, events to link NGOs and a blog that seeks to add new voices to the construction of our city.

  • Qurva: launched in November 2017, this project builds a social accelerator that aims to improve the development and the growth of projects or ideas of recent creation so that they can reach objectives. This support is organized through a defined and limited program in time, composed of activities of training, services and consulting individual with the help of mentors.

33 members


Gonzalo Benetti Hernández

Pedro Beltramino

Founding Curator

Luciano Tourn

Clara Inés Antonio

Narena Assefh

Micaela Alejandra Avendaño

Juan Manuel Baruffaldi

Leonardo Godofredo Borghi

Inés Buchara

Nicolas Andres Calvo

Sara Casiello

Carla Chernomordik

Anaclara Dalla Valle

Agostina De Vita

Pamela Dimenna

Jacobo Andres Dominguez

Romina Fogolini

Maria Florencia Galimberti

Franco Gottig

Luciana Marino

Martín Morassi

Camila Palacios

María Cecilia Quaglino

Camila Lorena Reyes

Stefania Florencia Schiavoni

Edel Giovanna Sguazzini Bogado

Damián Silva

Pamela Berustein

Luis Adriel Castelli

Melisa Himelfarb

Mauricio Maraviglia

Maria Victoria Masson

Sofia Pacifico

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