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The Rosario Hub, based in Argentina, is a team of young people with different backgrounds and points of view, but with the same dream. We believe that, in our city, there are already many organizations involved in projects with local impact, but that these are not yet articulated and work independently. We have taken upon the mission to be the voice that connects many other voices, putting together and empowering the different organizations that work locally. 

We work on projects that seek to impact in several areas:

Política Messirve is a project that aims to strengthen civic commitment and citizen participation among high school students between 16 and 18 years old. It consists of theoretical-practical workshops aimed at providing information about political participation and training in key political skills for personal development. In addition, the workshops focus on encouraging critical reflection and promoting the generation of public impact initiatives at a local level.

APOSTEAR Is a bold initiative to equip neighborhood organizations with computers and internet to then carry out training sessions with the aim of closing digital divide. 

Luna Roja consists of a series of workshops aimed at raising awareness, providing tools, and evidence-based information to improve the menstrual health of participants. At the same time, it facilitates access to sustainable menstrual hygiene products, promoting the reduction of plastic waste generated by disposable products. 

Aire Global is a project that arises in the context of persistent air pollution and toxic smokes, resulting from intentional fires taking place in Paraná’s wetlands, in front of our city. This project aims to: monitor air quality by using devices that measure particulate matter (PM) in real time, communicate and disseminate air-quality indexes in the main local press and media and raise awareness and encourage civil society in Rosario City to engage with the local environmental emergency.

#NoSomosBasura seeks to raise awareness in the community by taking action through waste collection and sorting days. Also, through talks that focus on environmental education promoting the care of our spaces. By emphasizing the importance of proper waste disposal and recycling, not only contributes to cleaner environments but also cultivates a culture of environmental stewardship within the community. Looking ahead, the project aims to expand its reach and impact through potential partnerships with local authorities, businesses, and other like-minded organizations, ultimately striving for a greener and healthier future for all.

Shape Your Future addresses the common post-high school question: "What now?" Through a series of workshops in Rosario, students explore their vocations and modern opportunities in the digital and entrepreneurial realms. Nowadays, the traditional Education System is very distant from the social transformations that come with modern jobs development. Therefore at SyF, we aim to help teens navigate the identity crisis post-mandatory education by promoting alternative thinking. It provides tools and resources to stimulate reflection on their future, vocation, and personal growth.

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