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Sacramento Hub

The Global Shapers Sacramento Hub is a diverse group of passionate, idealistic young leaders bound together by their commitment to creating a better world - starting in Sacramento. Sacramento Shapers are focused on action and tangible impact.


  • We are on a journey together to create an amazing community of trust, challenge and support that amplifies our individual and collective impact.

  • We seek to undertake activities that generate a positive impact on a local, regional, and global level.

  • To further develop the professional and leadership capabilities of our members increasing our individual members’ and overall hub’s impact.


Core Principles 

  • Action & Impact - Driven by tangible and measurable results

  • Collaboration - Working with or leveraging existing assets, resources and organizations

  • Community - Building and engaging community

  • Creativity - Finding creative and new solutions to existing issues

  • Challenge - Stretching ourselves to think big and grow outside of our comfort zones

19 members

Taryn Akiyama

Joined 5 Mar 2018

Anisa Amani

Joined 22 Feb 2018

Stephanie Berumen

Joined 18 Feb 2024

Founding Curator

Rey Castellanos

Joined 12 May 2014

Sahej Claire

Joined 22 Feb 2024


Andrea Cronin

Joined 25 May 2021

Jessica Dávalos-Prieto

Joined 1 Feb 2020

Gustavo Garcia

Joined 19 Jan 2023

Beth Hotchkiss

Joined 8 Jun 2020



Joined 7 Jan 2020

Monika Lee

Joined 11 Jan 2020

Sage Miller

Joined 24 Jun 2020

Luis Montes

Joined 5 Mar 2018

Cristina Navarro

Joined 18 Feb 2024

Erick Orellana

Joined 23 Jun 2020

Yelena Oselsky

Joined 8 Mar 2018

Micaiah Palmer

Joined 16 Jan 2023

Amer Rashid

Joined 2 Feb 2020

Yoan Vivas Barajas

Joined 24 May 2021

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