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In 2014, our hub was established by incredible change-makers with a clear vision of empowering the capacity of Slaoui civil society. 

Our core principles revolve around engagement, collaboration, and paying it forward. Our team is composed of diverse members hailing from various backgrounds and neighborhoods across the city. Currently, our focus is on educational sustainable projects aimed at empowering our community to take charge of initiatives that create a positive impact in our city. We actively collaborate with institutions and NGOs, to bring our projects to life.


Salé is a captivating blend of history, culture, and modernity, provides a vibrant atmosphere where traditional values gracefully intermingle with a progressive vision. Our identity is deeply connected to Salé, and our aim is to actively contribute to shaping the city's future in alignment with these values.

At the core of our approach is leading with purpose, driven by our passion for making a meaningful difference.

To get to know more about our internal culture and identity, you can check out our social media: 




📩For collaborations, or if you have any questions, contact us: globalshapers.salehub@gmail.com 

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