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Salvador da Bahia Hub

The Salvador da Bahia hub is made up of outliers. Young and talent professionals from several different areas, since Public Relations, Business Management and Advertising to IT, Perinatal Educator, Medicine and Sanitary and Environmental Engineering. We are passionate about our city and our purpose in joining Global Shapers, that is to be part of the social transformation.\We describe ourselves as a "hands on" hub, who makes things happen, who listen to our city's community and make projects based on their necessities, always through a entrepreneur mindset.

27 members


Mariana Ferreira

Joined 27 Jul 2018


Rafael Xavier Rodrigues

Joined 27 Jul 2018

Iara Alves

Joined 27 Mar 2019

Neilma Barreto Dos Santos

Joined 4 Apr 2019

Priscilla Karen de Sousa

Joined 27 Mar 2019

Jessica Hohlenwerger Nascimento

Joined 4 Dec 2014

Monique Lemos

Joined 20 Mar 2015

Natália Monteiro

Joined 14 Mar 2017

Nicholas Montenegro

Joined 25 Apr 2017

João Raphael Oliveira

Joined 25 Apr 2017

Nassor Oliveira Ramos

Joined 27 Mar 2019

Igor Santana

Joined 27 Mar 2019

Eliz Sapucaia

Joined 27 Mar 2019

Bruno Brender Silva

Joined 11 Apr 2018

Caroline Conceição dos Santos

Joined 28 Mar 2019

Leonel Damico

Joined 30 May 2018

Joana Leal da Silva

Joined 26 Oct 2017

Lucas de Oliveira

Joined 5 Mar 2018

Lucas Guedes

Joined 21 Jul 2017

Mari� Belo Hazin

Joined 25 Apr 2017

Cristiano Lima do Nascimento

Joined 23 Feb 2017

Isadora Martins Santos Correa

Joined 31 Mar 2017

Pedro Napoli

Joined 17 Apr 2019

Ricardo Penido

Joined 1 May 2019

Maiara Pereira

Joined 25 Apr 2017


Joined 27 Jul 2018

Isabela Sousa

Joined 30 Apr 2019

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