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Salzburg Hub

The Global Shapers Salzburg Hub believes in the power of its community working together to promote and create authentic positive social impact. The mission is to engage and support a diverse community of young people committed to work collectively and independently toward a more sustainable city of Salzburg - driving positive social change both locally as well as globally.

The Hubs aim is to influence positive social change through dialogue and action, and is committed to improve the state of the city of Salzburg as well as the world through working together as a team with curiosity, passion, accountability and unyielding integrity. The Hub strives to embody the pinnacle of exemplary achievement and responsibility, enabling Hub members to engage, collaborate and learn from each other as well as from other Global Shapers Hub Communities.

You can find more informations about our work in Salzburg on: Linktree for Salzburg

12 members


Momo Feichtinger

Joined 13 Aug 2019


Dino Osmanagic

Joined 19 Feb 2021

Impact Officer

Hande Armagan

Joined 18 Dec 2019

Hannes Aichmayr

Joined 19 Jul 2019

Eva Aigner

Joined 10 Dec 2019

Merve Bahar

Joined 19 Feb 2020

Irina Bindlechner

Joined 20 Jan 2020

Raphael Eder

Joined 25 Feb 2021

Konstantin Klingler

Joined 12 Mar 2021

David Lion

Joined 12 Feb 2020

Albert Vogl-Bader

Joined 20 Feb 2020

Katharina Wallmann

Joined 17 Dec 2019

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